We work with members in your community and the government to make a difference

Neighborhood Stabilization Capital Management

Neighborhood Stabilization Capital Management (NSCM) devotes its energy to passionately advocating for the needs of communities and families.  NSCM has combined private industry expertise and non-profit partnerships to stabilize communities throughout the United States.  Partnered with Southside Community Development & Housing Development, we are promoting homeowner retention and affordable housing in a scaled business model that is working nationwide.

Our Mission


homeowner retention


neighborhood stablization

Purchase non-performing mortgage loans and distressed real estate in an attempt to stabilize neighborhoods.  We raise private capital and deploy thorugh our non-profit asset management platform providing value to all parties.

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Urgent Projects

We purchase loans and real estate from a variety of institutions including banks, private equity and institutional investors.  In addition, we participate in non-profit programs and auctions that HUD, FNMA and FHMLC conduct.


affordable housing

Interested investors should contact us to explore how they can participate in the critical mission to stabilize communities by promoting homeowner retention and affordable housing.