NS Capital REO services was created to specifically cater to the private investor and the need for cost effective, value added REO management to extract every dollar out of each asset through a variety of channels.

Other than providing the traditional services from boarding to closing and a national broker network, value added components include

  • Rental market plans that will provide the investor decision tools to consider keeping an asset as a rental and sell at a future date as a turnkey investment.  
  • National contractors are embedded into our platform to provide consistent and timely rehab bids and also a sanity check from bids received from the broker's relationship.  We manage all rehabs from start to finish to ensure budget and timeline.
  • Seller finance market plans.  Extract additional value out of your asset by selling the asset with seller financing and put a performing note back on your book.  Sell the seasoned loan at a later date.
  • If you don't want to carry back financing, we have an active trade desk with investors that may be a fit.  Use of our trade desk is free to our clients whether sourcing or selling individual loans/REO our pooled transactions.
  • We have the balance sheet to float advances to comply with our clients accounting and invoice policy.
  • Proprietary technology that provides transparency, accountability, ability identify risk and drive strategy.

-NSCM Rehab advance program-

*Let NSCM advance your rehab cost

*use our cash to increase value

  • rent risk score >30

  • value of rehab >10%

  • clear unencumbered title

  • we advance, no cash out of your pocket!

  • no complicated borrwer underwriting

  • no compicated paperwork

  • contact sales@nscm.us