brook treas

Director, Portfolio Management

Mr. Treas has 10 years’ experience in Loss Mitigation with direct loan servicers as well as component servicers. He has worked with and for Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase and Homecomings Financial/Ocwen. Mr. Treas previously worked for Alliance Realty Capital as the Loss Mitigation Manager tasked with building their compliance and loan servicing components for all newly acquired assets. While working with National Default Servicing, Mr. Treas oversaw an Asset Management team that was continually recognized by Ocwen as “Best in Class” amongst all mid-source vendors. Prior to that, Mr. Treas was a top performer for Chase Bank as an Asset Manager and was responsible for creating marketing campaigns to assist communication between real estate agents and homeowners of distressed properties. His experience with borrower outreach is essential in executing timely resolutions and offering amicable solutions to distressed homeowners.

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timothy hayes

Director, Non-Profit & Government Relations

Timothy is a management executive with over 15 years of experience in financial and operational management and systems implementation.  3 years of auditing and extensive knowledge in areas include: operational and financial analysis reviews, market research and human capital development.

Timothy has worked in a Big 4 Practice and within a Fortune 500 company.  He led audits focused in the areas of middle market service firms, financial service firms, Real Estate and not for profits.  His efforts within the Fortune 500 were to lead a subsidiaries accounting and financial analysis team, while working directly with Executive Management and external auditors.  Timothy also played a key role in 10q, 10k and annual reporting for the holding company.

For the last 15 years Timothy has successfully assisted over 250 companies evaluate financing needs, operating efficiencies and human capital development opportunities.  Timothy has also led sales and marketing, management consulting and auditing teams and prides himself on “outcomes” over personal achievement.

Tai nong

Director, Portfolio Management 
Mr. Nong has 5 years’ experience in default servicing specializing in foreclosure and bankruptcy. He has worked for Chase Home Finance, US Bank, and Caliber Home loans. In his time at Chase, Mr. Nong was recognized as the top performer managing bankruptcy timelines. While working at USBank, Mr. Nong’s team was successful creating and implementing a third party doc review platform to help streamline the doc review process essential to significantly reduce bankruptcy timelines. Mr. Nong attended foreclosure court hearings, mediations, and depositions in person as an expert witness for Caliber home loans and boast a 100% resolution rate.