Louis Amaya

Co-Founder, Board Member & CEO

As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Amaya is responsible for acquisitions, trading, portfolio management and operations.  Prior to co-founding NS Capital Management, Louis Amaya co-founded and was the Chief Investment Officer at National Asset Direct, Inc., Capital Markets (NAD).  As a result of co-founding NAD at the apex of the mortgage crises, Mr. Amaya was featured in Bloomberg Markets Magazine as a thought leader in the industry.  At NAD Mr. Amaya was responsible for all aspects of the investment portfolio and operations. 

Mr. Amaya oversaw the creation of iServe Companies and xPlair Technology and continued to manage iServe's operations, Servicing, REO, Lending and technology platforms.  Previous positions included the Director of the Servicing Capital Group (SCG) at GMAC RFC.  Mr. Amaya created the SCG and through its platform, managed the risk and disposition of GMAC RFC;s multibillion dollar non-performing mortgage portfolio.

Mr. Amaya founded and is the host of Capital Markets Today.  Capital Markets Today produces Mortgage Markets Today, an internet talk radio broadcasts that provides relevant discussions with industry experts on topics ranging from capital markets, whole loan/MSR/secondary trading, real estate and mortgage lending.

Mr. Amaya received his undergraduate degree from PLNU and his MBA from UOP.

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Kimiko Yamamoto

Co-Founder & Board Member

In addition to being a founding member, Ms. Yamamoto is the President and Chief Operating Officer for PEMCO Ltd. She is highly experienced in all aspects of real estate management and is currently in charge of PEMCO’s thriving real estate operation. Ms. Yamamoto has been successful in securing several contracts with HUD making PEMCO Ltd. one of the largest asset management’s firms in the nation.  Ms. Yamamoto has been involved with Real Estate Management and Marketing since 1996 and has managed well over 150,000 properties. ​ ​ ​Ms. Yamamoto obtained her undergraduate degree from Hawaii Loa College and has graduated from Harvard University Business School's Executive Management Program with emphasis in Real Estate Strategies for Project Development and Capital Market Access.

We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve sales, productivity, organization, company culture, and employee relations.

Dianna Bowser

President & CEO of Southside Community Development & Housing Corporation

Dianna Bowser has over nineteen years experience in developing new and renovated homes for low and moderate income residents to own; overseeing the ownership and asset manager of multifamily housing for seniors and single family property for homeownership; implementing a comprehensive housing counseling program to increase homeownership and financial management which the program is approved by HUD since 1999. Dianna has served as President/CEO since 2012. 

Her expertise as Grant Administrator, Non-Profit Housing management Specialist, Homeownership Education Trainer and Counselor, development in the areas of low income and affordable housing as related to major housing revitalization has garnered numerous awards and accolades for the organization. SCDHC specializes in and has dedicated itself to working in only the most disenfranchised areas of the City of Richmond and provides a holistic revitalization approach in its service areas. The results are impressive: over 2,000 single and multifamily units and assisted over 4,000 clients with housing counseling and homebuyer’s education over the last nineteen years. Mrs. Bowser attended The Ohio State University.